Peaceful Pregnancy- App Development for Health & Fitness.

Peaceful Pregnancy- App Development for Health & Fitness

This App is designed to help women keep a positive mindset throughout the challenging process of pregnancy using self-affirmations and meditation. The App covers the period from achieving conception, through the three trimesters of pregnancy, to childbirth. After entering the current stage of pregnancy, the App will present a daily text affirmation to the user relevant to that stage. Users can also select to view all available affirmations. Meditation audio recordings can be selected manually. The basic app has a limited number of affirmations and one meditation, which can be expanded using an In-App purchase.


UX & UI Design – Front End Development – iPhone App Development


XCode with Objective C, Aamazon Web Services (AWS), In APP Purchase, Audio Player, Local Notification, Affirmation Reminder

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